CMEC's New Products and Technologies Shine at Canton Fair

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The 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was successfully concluded on November 4. As a comprehensive international trade fair with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale and the most complete exhibit variety, Canton Fair is the well-deserved "No.1 fair in China". CMEC has begun to participate in the Canton Fair since 1978, showing the development and innovation capabilities of Chinese technologies actively and continuing to receive the attention and favor of Chinese and foreign customers on the platform. This year, CMEC exhibited a large number of new products and technologies at the fair. Next, I will introduce them to you.

Beverage filling production line

CMEC General Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. (CMEC General Machinery) provides whole line solutions for beverage filling machine producers, including whole plant design, PET plastic bottle production, pretreatment of beverage, beverage filling & packing and provision of packaging materials.

Ice cream and daily food production line

CMEC General Machinery provides whole line solutions for dairy producers, including whole plant design, process design, raw material processing, product forming and packaging and provision of packaging materials。

Packaging machine production line

CMEC General Machinery provides all kinds of packaging machines according to specific demands of customers, including granule, powder and liquid packaging equipment。 There are a wide variety of packaging forms, such as pouch packaging, big bag packaging and bag-feeding packaging。

Kitchen blenders

The products of China-East Resources Import & Export Co。 (CERIECO) are simple and novel, with low motor noise, long service life, sharp blades, and excellent performance。 All products meet the European Standards, and are rich in variety, including not only value-for-money products for common consumers pursuing high cost effectiveness, but also top-level products for high-end customers seeking high quality。 These products have received the recognition and high praise from extensive customers。 They will be mainly sold to Europe and Latin America。

Finger vein recognition technology

CERIECO's finger vein recognition technology uses the image of human finger vein patterns obtained after the near infrared light penetrates the finger to identify individuals. It is the state-of-the-art biometric identification technology in the world with high precision and high speed. Finger vein recognition technology is for living body recognition. Compared to other biometric recognition technologies, it is irreproducible and is not influenced by the roughness of finger skin and external environment (temperature, humidity). The products developed with the finger vein recognition technology such as access control systems, attendance machines, examination machines, door locks and other products feature high safety and convenience. CERIECO's products can use a biometric recognition system of finger vein recognition and face recognition.

PCB assembly

With advanced PCB and PCBA production equipment and an excellent technical development team, CERIECO can conduct its product design and printing production according to requirements of customers。 Its products are rich in variety, and attractive in price and quality。

Stone-plastic flooring

The stone-plastic flooring of China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co., Ltd. (CMEC Wuxi) is a new type of environment friendly floor developed based on high technology. It is a new kind of lightweight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world now, also known as "lightweight floor material". These products have been well received in European and American countries as well as Japan and South Korea in Asia. The performance advantages of stone-plastic flooring lie in that they use new raw materials, never release any harmful or toxic gas such as formaldehyde, methylbenzene and xylene, volatilize quickly and have no odor; they use the raw material of natural stone which can keep intact even when they are soaked in water. With stable and tight structure, they resolve the defect of swelling deformation resulting from water absorption for wood flooring; they boast Italian design and superb technology; they are safe, flame-retardant, insulated and anti-static, with strong sound absorption; they are easy to install and maintain, with no need of cement, mortar or adhesive. The surface can be cleaned with ordinary wet mop; they are mould and vermin proof, and antibacterial, with high resistance to stain, wear and scratch. High-strength abrasion tests and impact tests indicate that the products are durable. With a wide variety of colors and patterns, they are applicable to indoor decoration, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and so on.

Puffed food processing equipment

China Machinery Engineering Henan Co。, Ltd。 (CMEC Henan) can provide a complete set of puffed food production line for customers, including design, installation and instruction。 The production line can produce all kinds of puffed food, pet food and so on。 It is easy to operate and maintain。 It is safe and sanitary, and well received by users in the world。

Automatic slaughtering equipment

CMEC Henan has cooperated with SINOMACH to launch the equipment for slaughtering an entire cow, an entire sheep and fowls. The equipment adopts advanced technology and economic design, with high safety and sanitary level, as well as a number of patents.

Coffee processing equipment

CMEC Henan can provide a complete set of coffee production equipment, including hulling, degumming, baking, milling and so on, and can design a complete set of commercial coffee production line for customers。

Warehousing logistics one-stop solution

The warehousing logistics one-stop solution of China Machinery Engineering (Suzhou) Co。, Ltd (CMEC Suzhou) includes warehousing equipment, supermarket equipment, conveyor line equipment, and so on。 CMEC Suzhou can provide various services to its customers, ranging from warehousing logistics solution design, purchase of a complete set of products, to product installation and after-sales service。 Working on the field for years, CMEC Suzhou have produced a wide range of products and focused on its reputation。 It has obtained a lot of customers and orders at the fair。

Founded in 1957, Canton Fair is held in spring and autumn every year. Someone said that Canton Fair is a window China opened to the world and a hand China extended to the world. With China's reform and opening-up in 1978, China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation (predecessor of CMEC), the first company of industry-trade combination, made its debut at the fair. Look ahead, CMEC will continue to show its new achievements and new vitality through various channels including the Canton Fair and make unremitting efforts for building China into a big and strong trading nation as early as possible, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.


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