40-Year Amazing Development Underpins New Glories

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China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) emerged as the times require with China's reform and opening up. It has gradually grown under the direct leadership of the First Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Machinery Committee, the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry, and SINOMACH. It has developed into an international engineering contractor with international engineering contracting as its core and international trade as its mainstay. Also, CMEC has become China’s leading and internationally renowned engineering contractor. Generation after generation, CMEC members have forged CMEC’s gold-lettered signboard in the field of international engineering contracting with courage to challenge and to be the first, selfless dedication, lofty spirit of making their home wherever they are, honesty and keeping promises, sincere cooperation style, pragmatic and prudent attitude to forge ahead and grow up in the struggle.
After 40 years of commitment, the complete plant business segment, accompanied by CMEC, has grown from small to large and from weak to strong. The main business ranges from small plant export in the past to electric power, energy, transportation, electronic communication, housing, construction, manufacturing, processing plants, environmental protection, mining, and resource exploration at present, covering more than 150 countries and regions on five continents in the world. According to incomplete statistics, since 1978, the company’s cumulative contract signing amount in the complete plant business has reached about US$ 80 billion, of which the valid contract amount is nearly US$ 45 billion. CMEC’s total import and export volume has exceeded US$ 35 billion.
Over the brilliant 40 years, CMEC has taken the lead in dozens of fields in the world and created many firsts in China in its undertakings of overseas engineering contracting and complete plant export.
In 1983, the buyer's credit method was used for the first time to contract the 210,000 kilowatts thermal power plant in Guddu, Pakistan, accomplishing the first export of China’s first large-scale oil-fired power generator unit.
In 1992, for the first time, China’s oil and gas turbine generators and single 320,000 kilowatts thermal power unit were introduced into the international market — the Muzaffargarh No. 4 320MW oil/gas-fired unit project in Pakistan.
In 1996, it was the first time to export large-scale power plant air-cooling systems and 400kV transformers for the air-cooling system project of steam turbine part (5*107MW) and main transformer project of five combined cycle power plants in Iran.
In 1996, China’s integrated mechanized coal-mining plant was exported overseas for the first time. It was the first time for Turkey to use such coal-mining equipment. For the first time, Chinese banks and Sinosure provided export credit to Turkey’s Olemar and Inez Comprehensive Coal-Mining Equipment Project.
In 1999, it was the first time to export six series of gas turbine units for Iraq’s Mullah-Abdullah 6x36MW gas turbine power station project. For the first time, China exported 210,000 thread switchboards to Bangladesh.
In 2003, CMEC pioneered the way of repaying loans with oil guarantee in the Angolan fishing boat project, breaking through the model of bank guarantee and sovereign guarantee. For the first time, horizontal butt-joint well mining technology and trona production technology were exported to complete the then world’s largest horizontal butt-joint well water-soluble mining project and the world’s largest trona production line with a single production line (500,000 t/a) in Turkey’s ETI Soda halogen-collecting project.
In 2004, it was the first time to sign a large-scale EPC hydropower project in the Republic of Congo—the Imboulou 4x30MW Hydropower Station in the Republic of Congo.
In 2007, China’s 600,000-kilowatt supercritical coal-fired power generation unit was first introduced into the international market to be used for Turkey’s EREN 2X600MW supercritical power station project.
In 2008, for the first time, CMEC served as a general contractor of Africa’s large-scale drinking water treatment plant project—Ghillie Drinking Water Treatment Plant in the Republic of Congo.
In 2010, Pakistan SAIF Power Station Project, the world’s first combined cycle power plant with dual-fuel 6FA gas turbine units, was completed.
In 2011, the first supercritical coal-fired power station boiler unit was exported for IZDEMIR 1X350MW supercritical coal-fired power station project in Turkey. President Xi attended the launching ceremony of the Argentina Belgrano Freight Railway Reconstruction Project, the largest China-Argentina transportation cooperation project.
In 2012, for the first time, the domestic 600,000-kilowatt supercritical oil-fired generator units were exported for the Unit 6 project of the 600MW steam-turbine generator sets for the Central Power Plant in Venezuela.
In 2013, the EREN (1+1) x 600MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant in Turkey was the first coal-fired power station project that won the Luban Award for China’s Construction Project (Overseas Project).
In 2014, for the first time, China’s SGT5-4000F combined cycle units were exported for the project of Berezov combined cycle power plant, and the construction of Lukoml combined cycle power plant in Belarus and put into commercial operation. This power station was the first project in Belarus to use double-shaft gas turbines. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Belorussian President praised it as “making friendly cooperation between China and Belarus closer.” The unit has also won the first prize for excellent overseas power generation project design, the Belarus Energy Contribution Award, the Distinguished Labor Medal, the Luban Award for Overseas Projects in 2015, and the 2017 Award for sustainable infrastructure construction projects outside China.
In 2015, the world’s single largest soda production line (500,000 t/a) produced the highest quality soda in the world, higher than that of European and American products.
Each project undertaken by CMEC is not only of high political significance at the level of national diplomacy but also has made outstanding contributions to the people’s livelihood worldwide.
The construction of energy facilities intended to solve the rapidly growing demand for electricity in local production and life has provided a steady stream of power for economic and social development. CMEC, known as the “messenger of light,” has brought the “source of light, life, and development” to local areas. A range of Angolan power projects undertaken by CMEC have relieved the current shortage of power supply in Angola and met the rapid growth of power demand as well as Angola’s economic and social development. The Congo Power Transmission and Distribution Project is the largest engineering contracting project under a package of export credits provided by the Chinese government to the Congolese government. The project has greatly improved the power supply in the north of Brazzaville, Congo, setting an example for China’s enterprises in electricity design, manufacturing, and construction to enter the African market. Khartoum Power Station in Sudan is the largest thermal power unit with single unit capacity. Since the project was implemented, it has received attention from all levels of Sudan. Sudanese President Bashir visited the site in person. The Puttalam Coal-fired Power Plant Project was launched by the heads of state of China and Sri Lanka. The project completely changed the power supply in Sri Lanka by reducing the electricity price by 25% from the day of power generation. The image of the Plant became a new banknote pattern of Sri Lanka. It was affectionately called “Victoria’s Light” by the local people. At the 27th IPMA World Congress, the project won the Bronze Award for Outstanding Project Management. Regarding Kostolac Power Station in Serbia, President Xi once pointed out, “A number of major projects have been put in place one after another, forming a gratifying situation of overall promotion of cooperation in major projects between the two countries. They have achieved good economic and social benefits, producing a positive impact on Central and Eastern Europe.” The final acceptance of theUnit six project of the 600MW steam-turbine generator sets for the Central Power Plant in Venezuela marks the successful completion of Venezuela’s largest and most advanced thermal power plant project. The Thar Coal-Electricity Integration Project is the flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is also the first thermal power project and the largest PPP energy project that uses local coal. The Jhang Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Project is CMEC’s first H-class gas turbine power station EPC project and Pakistan’s largest thermal power project under construction. In addition to thermal power stations, CMEC has also undertaken water conservancy and wind power projects using green and clean energy such as Levoso Hydropower Station in the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea’s Djibloho Hydropower Station, Ecuador's Hydropower Station, Vietnam’s Buncombe Hydropower Station, India’s Zhulalan Hydropower Station, Pakistan’s NJ Hydropower Station, Myanmar’s Daoyeka Hydropower Station and Pakistan’s Tenaga Wind Power Station. In recent years, the company has also signed contracts for solar energy and new energy projects such as Maldives Photovoltaic Power Station and Ukraine’s Nikopol Photovoltaic Power Station.
By constructing the transportation hub infrastructure, CMEC has brought more convenient travel ways for local people. CMEC has undertaken projects such as Angola Luanda Railway Reconstruction, Bangladesh Railway Rail, Namibia M67 Route, Abidjan-Bassam Highway, Congo (Brazzaville) Okoyo-Rekoti-Gabon Border Road, and Naypitaw Airport in Myanmar. All these projects help the local economy recover.
CMEC has built the housing project for low-come urban residents to ensure people’s happy life. The company has undertaken projects such as Maldivian phase I, II, and III housing projects, namely, “China Town” new island apartment, Canadian Student Apartment, Equatorial Guinea University Town, residential houses, affordable residence, Malanje School Construction in Angola, and Cameroon Bafoussam and Belin Stadiums. These projects have provided a safe and comfortable living environment for residents, promote the development of sports, enhance urban taste, safeguard and improve local people’s livelihood, and secure social harmony and stability.
CMEC has built post and telecommunications facilities interconnecting with each other. The company has undertaken post and telecommunications projects of Bangladesh, including switchboards, broadband network, 2.5G expansion, new 3G construction, telephone expansion, Nigerian agricultural telephone network, Angolan communication, and CDMA expansion, which have boosted the co-building and sharing of basic networks.
CMEC has built environmental protection and water conservancy facilities to ensure water safety. The company has undertaken a range of projects such as Port Sudan Water Supply, Nyala Water Supply, Congo’s (Brazzaville) Ghillie waterworks, Mindouli Water Supply, Ngoh Water Plant, Luanda Water Supply Renovation in Angola, Huambo Water Supply, Gandela Bulo Water Plant, Bibala and Camucuio Water Supply, Yaounde Water Plant in Cameroon, Zimbabwe Sewage and Water Supply Renovation, Kurunegala Water Supply and Sewage Treatment in Sri Lanka, and Atana Water Plant. These projects have improved the quality of drinking water sources in local areas, solved the problem of shortage of clean drinking water, and ensured the basic production and living of local people.
The year of 2018 is the 40th anniversary of CMEC. The development of an enterprise is like a boat sailing against the current. If it does not advance, it will retreat. With the rapid changes in the international political and economic situation, the market environment we are facing is also changing rapidly. CMEC does not hold onto the traditional style of play under the competitive pressure that weakens its initial advantages. It takes pressure as its motive force, actively seeks changes, adapts to new market trends, and establishes new competitive advantages.
CMEC’s complete plant business will focus on “upgraded business, growth breakthrough, and international operation” to achieve its substantial development. CMEC needs to consolidate its foundation, develop steadily, maintain its overall business scale and profitability, and strengthen the integration and upgrading of all business units. It needs to proactively explore and cultivate new businesses and development models and form a business platform where all businesses cooperate. According to the development requirements of the industrial chain, CMEC will cooperate with leading enterprises in all links of the external industrial chain to enhance the industrial capacity and actively seek high-quality enterprise resources with unique value at home and abroad. When strengthening the core capabilities of the industry, CMEC will build a key management system step by step internally and lay the foundation for the company to internationalize its business platform in the medium and long term and to achieve rapid and high-quality business development.
The future has come, and time awaits no one. In the new historical stage, we will continue to uphold the fine tradition, strive to open up, forge ahead with innovation, optimize the structure, and perfect the layout. While ensuring the steady development of our main businesses, we will gradually build the core competitiveness of new businesses and form a diversified market pattern that considers both growth and profitability. We will step up efforts to open up the domestic market and gradually form a landscape in which both domestic and foreign markets are given equal emphasis and organically combined. We will continue to integrate internal and external resources to achieve rapid business growth and forge ahead in making innovations. With firm confidence, high morale, and solid practice, we will seize opportunities, keep pace with the times, blaze new trails, and create a brilliant future.  





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