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Fang Yanshui Visits CNEEC and CCEC for Epidemic Control and Work & Production Resumption

Release time:2020-02-21 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On February 19, CMEC Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Fang Yanshui visited China National Electric Engineering Co。, Ltd。 (CNEEC) and China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CCEC), which are two subsidiaries of CMEC, bringing them with the materials including masks and supervising and examining their work related to epidemic control and work & production resumption。

Fang inspected the office environments of the two enterprises and sent his regards to the on-duty employees. After that, he listened to the reports of the heads of the two enterprises on epidemic control and work & production resumption, and gained a detailed understanding of the management of offices, dining rooms and dorms and other similar public areas, work resumption of functional departments, business departments, subsidiaries, overseas institutions and project sites, as well as work arrangements in the future.

Fang recognized the work of the two enterprises for epidemic control and work & production resumption and put forward the following requirements:

1。 Thoroughly study and put into practice the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches on epidemic prevention and control。 Strictly follow the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, local governments, and CMEC on epidemic prevention and control, do well in epidemic prevention and control in an all-around way, work out thorough measures for epidemic control and work & production resumption, and ensure clear division of work and responsibilities;

2. Bring into full play the role of community-level Party organizations and encourage Party members to play an exemplary role in epidemic control;

3. Raise all employees’ awareness of epidemic control, and ensure accurate and timely acquisition and management of employee information;

4。 Continue to strengthen the management of those who live in dormitory and those who had newly returned to Beijing, strictly implement relevant regulations on quarantine, and prevent the employees from gathering together beyond the workplace;

5. Strengthen the management of expatriate personnel, take measures for epidemic control in the whole process and quarantine them at the destinations in strict accordance with relevant regulations;

6. Resume work and production under the precondition of epidemic prevention and control, make in-depth analyses on existing difficulties and risks and predict future difficulties and risks related to epidemic prevention and control, work out countermeasures as early as possible so as to minimize the risks and losses of business and projects;

7. Attach importance to caring for families of overseas employees and try to support and help them to the greatest extent.

Fang was accompanied by General Management Department General Manager Tong Chao during the activity.

On the afternoon of February 20, entrusted by Party Secretary Bai Shaotong and General Manager Fang Yanshui, Deputy Party Secretary Yu Bo chaired a teleconference on epidemic control and work & production resumption of key subsidiaries that are not in Beijing。 After listening to the reports of the heads of CMIE, JK Institute, HPI and Tianjin Electric Science Research Institute, Yu, on behalf of the Party committee of CMEC, put forward definite requirements on furthering epidemic prevention and control, work & production resumption and strengthening request for instructions and communications and coordination, etc。 Also present at the teleconference were responsible persons of the General Management Department, the Party Committee Work Department of CMEC and relevant departments of subsidiaries that are not in Beiijng。

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