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The First Unit of Lusiwasi Upper Hydro Power Plant Generates Electricity and Completes 72-Hour Grid-connected Trial Run

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On February 14, the first hydropower generating unit of the Zambian Lusiwasi Upper Hydro Power Plant, which was undertaken by CMEC, successfully completed the 72-hour grid-connected trial run, a much-anticipated and encouraging landmark project node.

The project office began to prepare for power generation of the first unit of the power plant at the end of 2019, mobilized and coordinated technicians of relevant parties to enter the project site and complete all preliminary work before the Chinese New Year. Now, the first unit of the power plant has the conditions for power generation.

However, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 in China, some adjustment and test personnel who were scheduled to enter the project site cannot return to the project site on time. In accordance with the actual situation, the Onsite Management Department adjusted the relevant work arrangements in a timely manner, mobilized and allocated various resources at the project site to the greatest extent, overcame all difficulties due to the shortage of hands, and completed all adjustment tasks at the fastest speed. Thanks to the full preparations, the first unit has not experienced any downtime since its start-up, and passed the grid-connected trial run at a stroke on February 14, 2020. ZESCO, the owner of the project, spoke highly of the project team of CMEC for the successful completion of the power generation of the first unit despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 in China.

Next, the project office will make persistent efforts to complete the adjustment, grid-connected trial run and performance test of follow-up units as soon as possible and guard against the epidemic at the project site, and ensure smooth onsite operations, so as to complete all the work and get the contract completion certificate as soon as possible.

A group photo of the owner’s representatives and CMEC representatives

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